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Behind the Design

Tamara is the creative mind that's behind the designs of 4 Tamara Nicole.  As Founder and Creative Designer of Tamara Nicole Designs, Inc., Tamara has only one mission--- To ensure that her customers and clients are dressed their best for any occasion.

About her work: 
     "As a creator of wearable art, my designs are an extension of my hopes, dreams, and fears. I live through the garments that I create and develop. Through my work I am able to challenge my fears, give strength to my hopes, and fuel my dreams. My craft and my spirit are curled together in my character.
     I am primarily influenced by the past, while acknowledging the present, and imagining the future. I am inspired by almost anything that I see, hear, touch, or feel more than once. In my process, I usually start with a design sketch and then bring it to life with my hands, design tools, and machines. I enjoy working with wool, silk, blends and knits. My designs are strong, yet feminine. And I believe, that my creations, when worn, enhances these traits in the woman, creating a symbiotic relationship between the owner and her clothing. With each collection that I develop, I seek to innovate apparel design while dressing the women of today."


Fun Facts About Tamara:
She was a contestant on Bravo Tv's, "The Fashion Show Ultimate Collection" (Season 2) in 2011.
She was a finalist in The Round Bobbin and Young Emerging Designer's competitions in 2006.
As a child she wanted to be a singer but her singing will make you pull teeth.
Her sweet tooth will not allow her to pass on dessert.
If she loves something, then she will take two!
She loves making new friends!
And she works around the clock to grow her line “4 Tamara Nicole.”